EDEWA - The Postalcolonial Supermarket

EDEWA was honored with the “Award for Democracy and Tolerance” by the Federal Agency for Political Education in 2018


Discrimination is diverse and commonplace. This is the basic assumption on which the interactive traveling exhibition »EDEWA – The Postalcoloinal Supermarket« is based. In the form of a replicated supermarket, colonial continuities are made visible using self-made products. At the same time, the inadequate refurbishment of German colonial history, e.g. in the context of colonial trade, is criticized and postcolonial theory introduced. The anti-colonial and racism-critical products are tangible and debatable. By changing the perspective from the colonizers to the colonized, the products challenge the ‘normalized’ view of the hegemonic majority society and point out ways of reflecting on one’s own experiences of and with discrimination.

»EDEWA« was developed in the context of my two-part seminar “May Ayim – Black German feminist ?!” at the Humboldt University in Berlin in winter semester 11/12 and summer semester 2012 and was funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Berlin Project Fund for Cultural Education. In addition to a scientific reflection on one’s own social position, the traveling exhibition offers a life-world-related application of cultural and intercultural practice as well as a media-educational learning program in the form of an audio guide developed by young people. In addition there is an accompanying booklet and self-designed work-books that support the lerning process of our young audience.


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