The following workshop formats can be booked on request:

  • Colors of Feminism

Which “color” are feminists? Or is feminism “colorless”? Who is considered “colored” in feminist circles? And who as a “color-blind”? These and similar questions are asked again and again in activist women’s circles, but lead on the wrong track. The Anglo-American expression “of color” cannot be translated to “farbig”. Rather, it is a term of resistance: Women of Color are women of resistance! And there are many resistant female positions within the white German majority society. Starting with the biography of Sarah Baartmann, we will look at the history of Black feminism and work out why feminism in the German context is unquestioningly negotiated as “white”.


  • Racism and Language

Language is not a neutral, passive medium with which social realities are depicted “objectively”. Instead, people actively create different perspectives and concepts of realities through their choice of words and their style of speech. Although the discriminatory effect of language is often limited to cursive words, linguistic discrimination is much more prevalent than it first appears. This workshop critically deals with racism and sexism and their connections and overlaps on the basis of language and writing. There are many different ways to change one’s own language, to reflect on one’s own language usage, to re-learn language is only one possibility.


  • Critical Whiteness

“Critical Whiteness” is hotly debated – highly praised by some, heavily criticized by others. But what about this concept? Where did it come from and when was it inscribed in science? Does it only apply to whites or does as so often something get lost in translation? In this workshop we will track down the “critical whiteness approach” and show what it can or should do for politics, society and science. What is of importance is the reflection of one’s own social position, which can be both privileged or deprivileged.